About Ainsworth + Collinson Quality Builders

Ainsworth Collinson as featured on ArchiProAinsworth + Collinson Ltd was formed in 1999 by business partners Ken Ainsworth and Flint Collinson, who share a common passion for building and seeing a project through from start to finish. They have built up a reputation all throughout the Hawke's Bay region as builders who consistently provide unbeatable craftsmanship and attention to detail with every job.

Ken Ainsworth

Both Directors know exactly what it takes to be successful and are very well respected in the building industry. Ken began his career as a builder at the tender age of sixteen, and since then has worked his way up in several building firms across Hawke's Bay before deciding he had acquired the necessary skills and experience to start his own business.

Flint Collinson

Flint came into the building profession later in life, after already owning and operating two successful service and retail businesses. He was fortunate to be hired over qualified builders and offered an apprenticeship opportunity with a well-established building firm, where he quickly proved himself to foreman Ken Ainsworth, who later asked him to partner in his new business – and thus the winning Ainsworth + Collinson partnership was born!

The Ainsworth + Collinson team has grown as steadily over the years as their reputation for excellence, by setting a benchmark of quality within the construction industry. As a result, Ken and Flint are now proud to have around 10 highly skilled team members available for projects, and also enjoy seeing the Ainsworth + Collinson building apprentices develop their expertise under their watchful eye and expert guidance.

They set strict criteria for hiring new team members, with only trade qualified carpenters or apprentices who are going through BCITO training being considered.

Ken and Flint both appreciate the opportunities they have been given throughout their careers, and share a strong desire to give opportunities to others keen to excel in the building industry. The pride and enjoyment they take in their work can be summed up best in their own words.

"I really love being a critical part of an Architect's drawings coming to life, and making the client's dream a reality." - Flint

"Seeing the finished result makes all the hard work worthwhile and gives me great satisfaction." - Ken

If you are looking to build a new home in the Hawke's Bay, or make alterations to an existing residence, then contact the team at Ainsworth + Collinson Ltd.